MV Mair

Based at Barry Docks, West Glamorgan, MV Mair provides inshore services for buoy and beacon maintenance

MV Mair is a tug operating out of Barry Docks in the Bristol Channel. Her overall length is 24 meters and her width is 6 meters.

MV Mair is suitable for buoy and beacon maintenance work in estuaries, harbours and at sea.

MV Mair is mostly utilised for emergency response cover, buoy and beacon casualty work and regular buoy maintenance and replacement. She assists the Trinity House project department with beacon rebuilds and refurbishment, regular hydrographic surveys and towing Lightships and Light floats. Contract work customers include Welsh water, Wessex Water, South West Water, CEFAS and local ports.

Hydrographic surveys are carried out using Hypac survey package, with Lowrance sidescan for wreck detection.

Mair can lift 3 tonne at the side of the vessel and has been recently fitted with an 8 tonnes tugger winch for recovering moorings and sinkers over the bow.

MV Mair technical drawing.png

MV Mair DSCF7308.jpg

History and ownership

Mair was built in 1974 and bought from the Admiralty in 2002, coming into service with Trinity House in August that year.

GJ Binding & Sons Ltd, the owners have worked for Trinity House for 70 years, the present owner taking over from his father.

The crew have between them over 50 years experience working for Trinity House, not including the owners 40+ years, and one of the Masters 25 years.


MV Mair towing a lightfloat


Buoy work aboard MV Mair

MV Mair Departing Gloucester.jpg

MV Mair in Gloucester harbour

Mair Milford haven.jpg

MV Mair in Milford Haven


  • Displacement 150T
  • Crane 17 t/m (3.7T at ships side)
  • LOA 24.35m
  • Bow thruster
  • Beam 6.4m
  • 3000psi water jetting plant
  • Draft 2.4m
  • Welding and burning plant
  • Speed 10.5 knots
  • 2 x 440v generators
  • Range 1000 miles
  • Workboat code Category 2; licensed for 12 passengers plus crew


  • Radar, Chart plotter, VHF.


  • 3 Twin Cabins
  • 3 Single Cabins
  • Galley
  • Lounge



  • Ceestar Survey Echo Sounder
    200 kHz 8 degree beam width @ 3dB
  • Lowrance 50/200kHz echo sounder
    Beamwidth 50 kHz 45° @-3dB
    200 kHz 12° @-3dB
  • Valeport Digital Sound Velocity Profiler
    Range 1400 to 1600 m/s
    Resolution 0.001 m/s
    Accuracy +/- 0.05 m/s
    Acoustic frequency 2.5 Mhz, single pulse


  • Simrad NSO Marine Processor Plotter with Simrad MX575C antenna. All appropriate offsets applied in Hypac.


  • Hypack


  • Lowrance Structure Scan Dual Frequency 455kHz
    Sonar Output Power Max WRMS: 500W, WPK: 4000W W
  • Sidescan Specifications
    Max Range 455kHz (500ft — 250/side))
  • Downscan Specifications:
    Max Depth 300 ft (455kHz)


6 Metre Heavy Duty Inflatable

  • Carrying capacity 5 tons

5.5 Metre Heavy Duty Inflatable

  • 50hp O/B motor, kept on board Mair

5.5 Metre Heavy Duty Inflatable

  • 50hp outboard motor, kept in boat house on trailer

4m Fibre Glass Boat

  • Boarding boat kept on running mooring in Barry outer harbour

Towing vehicle

  • Toyota Land Cruiser

Storage container

  • 12m x 3m steel container with security locks with 24 sq.m of adjoining land. Used for storing equipment, inflatable boats for access to Mair.

Loading berth

  • The outer harbour berth for loading heavy equipment is accessible for 6 hours around high water. There is a caged storage compound and a small secure concrete building.
    Potable water supply.

Lifting Frame

  • Tenancy agreement for lifting frame (SWL 3T).